Mininigma: Enigma Simulator App Reviews

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Excellent !

Every Enigma machines are simulated. UI is well done, good job!

Superbe simulation

Superbe simulation très exacte. Tous les bugs signalés ont été corrigés. Testé sur iPad 2 Wifi 64 Go. Superb very accurate simulation. All reported bugs have been fixed. Tested on iPad 2 Wifi 64GB.

Fantastic - Amazing

Very nice application and realistic

Very nice and a lot of fun

Perfect app if youve just seen "the imitation game".

Very authentic

This is very well done. It actually looks like the real thing. I also like the fact that it simulates the different versions of the enigma. The only issue Ive had is that dials on top are a little finicky. Other than that Im very impressed. This is a great app for anyone interested in WW2 or cryptography. Well done.

Great crypto app

Very well done.Simulates the machines quite well and has nice features

Absolutely ULTRA

The dial settings are a little finicky. Apart from that, so far as I can tell, really, really good. Go ahead: try it against a known historical cryptogram - works for me! So far as I can tell, so far the real thing! 2012-09-27 And nitty-gritty.

Love it so much

Great effort and work like history and plug board but every 4 letters there is space and I need a space bar plz. For example hello guys is hell oguy s plz fix thx I love this

Great App

Love the historical authenticity. Practical uses too. I use it for passwords. An easy to remember phrase turns into an impossible to hack password.

Great for pretty good privacy machine

Great apps, very good apps and enigma machine for send a private message to anyone. Very simple, just put a password for generate a private system. Sending a message is very simple too. Great !! I recommend!

This application lacks some functions.

This is perfect simulator, but a preservation method of the setting is only a clipboard. There is not the decoding function. However, the application that is more excellent than this does not exist. I hope that this application is improved.

the best

Definitely the best Enigma simulator ever seen on any digital device. - extraordinary replica of all the enigmas features on different version; - outstanding usability and look and feel; - support is beyond any best experience Ive had.

Very good but ...

1) I cant type the numbers of the keyboard 2) Perhaps the direction of the rings rotation is not the correct one 3) When I set the panel of the ring settings (inside the machine) the three letters in the windows of the ring position dont change (and vice versa) Are they bugs ?

Puts a piece of history in your hands

Outstanding use of the iPhones technology to explain this technology from World War II. The artwork, use of sound and animation are excellent. The Bézier curves of the plug cords are an elegant touch. I was particularly happy to see the infamous 4-rotor variant of the machine. I searched the App Store for an Enigma simulator and this does not disappoint. Excellent workmanship.

incomplete download

Did not completely download and will not let me reload.


This is pretty cool...I like it!!!

Beaver Bear

This is quite a nostalgic and fun application that my son and I are enjoying while several hundred miles apart.

Nice but.....

Horrible directions how r we supposed to know what the plugboard n Rotors do


Outstanding! Obviously a lot of work went into this app. Nice graphics and seems to work as claimed.


@bbad: Enigma is a very sophisticated cipher system. If you dont understand it, read up on it at Wikipedia and the authors web site. This is a great implementation of several different Enigma machines. It works great as advertised. I wish it had a landscape mode, and I wish I could figure out how to get the alt keyboard thats shown that has numerics, but that is not a criticism. The program is DEFINITELY worth two bucks!

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