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This app is more than just fun. It helps with the understanding of codes, cyphers and cryptography especially in today’s world of trolls and bots. Brilliant machine and brilliant app.

More models weeks be cool

Would be awesome to have the other models available that were made during the war.

Puts a piece of history in your hands

★3-27-17 Nice update, with the Backspace reset function.★ An Enigma wrapped in an app inside an iPhone. Outstanding use of the iPhone's technology to explain this technology from World War II. The artwork, use of sound and animation are excellent. The Bézier curves of the plug cords are an elegant touch. I was particularly happy to see the infamous 4-rotor variant of the machine. I searched the App Store for an Enigma simulator and this does not disappoint. Excellent workmanship.

Great app

A real enigma machine cost $300,000 + and I paid $1.99 to turn my phone into one highly recommend it!


Wow, a lot of features in this app. The keyboard is especially responsive and the key word generator is really cool! There is every enigma model, and every rotor. The main thing is that there is no A reflector like on other enigma apps but I don't care about that. This is better than other enigma apps because it has a BACKSPACE! And to the devs, use keyword: Enigma BJRA QYMV AIWS LSAQ NJDS DE

incomplete download

Did not completely download and will not let me reload.

Awesome app. Fun, educational, and can be used for text messages keyboard

This is the app to have if your an Enigma fan or want to learn more about the German code machine that was used in World War II. This is the machine that was the subject of the movie "The Imitation Game". You can change the initial settings and type into the machine and get the coded message. You can also add the Enigma keyboard to your text messages and type code directly into a text message.

Excellent Enigma Simulator!

The app was great before and it just keeps getting better. The latest version includes a custom keyboard that increases the realism. The developer really cares about the quality of his app.

Just like the original Enigma

This is a great app, it works just like the original Enigma that the Germans used in WW2. This also means it still has its weakness. A letter could never be itself; if this was fixed, I would give this 5 stars. This is a great app, works great. You can set it up they way u want on the rotors or the plugboard and get the Trillions different possibilities this machine has. If you are into code or ciphers, you should get this, and hopefully the developer will update to fix the weakness. P.S. Also it could be nice to have numbers in their also.

Best Enigma Simulator Out There!

This is an amazing Enigma machine simulator. The developer has decided to create as realistic a simulator as possible and he hits a home run with the result! I have fun encoding messages and also teaching my kids about codes and ciphers. They also get a history lesson too! One of the best parts is that the dev keeps the app up-to-date and is very responsive to comments. Great job on creating this wonderful app!


I wish there was the ability to have spaces, but I guess it would be less realistic.

Impressive Attention to Detail

Implementing an Enigma simulator is not overly difficult, and there are several open source examples available on the Internet. What sets this application apart is the UI: the developer spent a lot of time and effort to recreate the look and feel of the original machine, down to the actual sounds. The result is visually rich, engaging, and just plain fun to use. If you're looking for fast, modern, bulk encryption...this is not it. But if you want to try one of the most historically significant crypto devices of World War II, this is well worth the price.

The Perfect Enigma

I've been obsessed with the Enigma for over half my life, even owning a physical (albeit digitally powered) replica machine. And while I love the tactile nature of typing on a constructed device, the sheer breath and depth of options available in this app makes it a must-have for any self-respecting cryptology or WWII history fan. If you are interested in this app, you need not hesitate—it's AMAZING!!

Beautiful App

Fun. Educational. Nice UI.

Great App

Easy to use and models several different Enigma machines. The backspace function is a very helpful addition!

Fun and educational

Excellent app, enjoyable to learn and use, developer responds to questions from users.

Neat but

How do I decode an encoded message that was sent to me. If I paste in the text it just re-encodes it. Neat app

Functional and Beautiful

This is by far the best Enigma simulator that I have seen. I have experienced no problems at all, and the graphics are exceptional.


So far so good I haven't any problems with encryption or decrypting information sent from other enigma simulators. Though it doesn't prevent proper operation, it would be nice to see the rotors on the army/airforce machines display numbers when the lid's closed. Navy had the alphabet on their rotors. Would be nice to see a codebook generator for iPad developed too.

Awesome app

It's a lot of fun to play with and you can even decipher old codes the the app. Very realistic and cool device to have on your phone.

Awesome and fun

Wonderful to play with to gain better understanding if the Enigma workings. I do not think the ring settings are working, or I am misunderstanding their function. Awesome art and presentation!

The best available on the App store

If you are at all interested in WWII, then this Enigma machine will be of great interest. This is the most realistic of all of them available on the App Store. You are able to set it up and use it exactly like the real thing, even looks like the real thing including all rotors, plugboard, etc. However with the last update, you can now easily set up the starting configuration and translate messages in an easy mode if the complex setup is not your thing. Beautifully made, and well supported. Kudos to the developer!

Very nicely executed

This app emulates the famous Enigma machines from WWII. It is one of the few that allow you to switchwiring and rotors as well as initial settings. Thank you very much for your hard work, Mr Jimenez.


Fun and easy to use, nice-looking, and informative. Developer also has frequent updates and responds to questions. A great app for the iPhone. And next time you need to send a coded message from your submarine you'll be all set.

Beautiful Simulator

This app is a lot of fun, well designed, and functions perfectly. Sometimes I just sit around encoding messages to see what pops out.

Really great

This app was brilliantly made. The pieces were wonderfully made and placed well. Quite an amazing app! Get it!!!


It's an interesting way to type and very fun, but is there a spacing function to keep my words from running together?

a neat gadget

Well, I don't have anywhere in my house to put a real Enigma machine. Fortunately, this app is a fine emulator for this interesting piece of history


I'm a huge history buff and have always been fascinated with codes and the U-Boat war. This app sims how the German armed forces communicated in the field during World War II. This device was used to direct the gray wolves of the U-Boat fleet. Well researched and a fascinating slice of history. Hats off to the developer...nicely executed, good updates and responsive to questions/concerns.


How do you get the numerals to work?

Fun and Educational

This is a really beautiful emulator that has the original Enigma machines spot-on. The Artwork is classy, and the interface is surprisingly easy-to-use. If they had had iPads/iPhones in WWII (glad they didn't !), this app would've been what they would've used !! The Copy/Paste function works beautifully... Send your friends encrypted emails, or (for a real hoot) to a Morse Code generator to scare your cat with!


This application works as advertised. The process for the Enigma configuration and set-up was a breeze, and faithfully brings to life a realistic simulation. Great for encrypting and decoding messages for gaming. Congrats on this wonderful app!


I am a WW2 buff and spent a day visiting Blechley Park. I had the opportunity to use an actual German enigma machine there. This app is outstanding. The author has done a wonderful job in developing this app.

Really cool

What a cool toy. Not much for practical use but if you don't have $35,000 for a real enigma, this is the next best thing. For an upgrade or secondary product, I would love to see other crypto simulators such as a NEMA or Jefferson wheel.


As another user has said, it is obvious that plenty golf hard work and research went into this. I couldn't agree more. Keep up the good work!

Very cool and interesting!

Great timing. I have just been reading David Kahn's "Seizing the Enigma". Recommend reading if you are interested in WWII efforts to crack the Enigma and encryption/decryption in general. It is very nice to get a hands on sense for how the Enigma worked. This simulation seems very consistent in terms of machine types and rotor and plugboard configurations with what I read.


@bbad: Enigma is a very sophisticated cipher system. If you don't understand it, read up on it at Wikipedia and the author's web site. This is a great implementation of several different Enigma machines. It works great as advertised. I wish it had a landscape mode, and I wish I could figure out how to get the alt keyboard that's shown that has numerics, but that is not a criticism. The program is DEFINITELY worth two bucks!


Outstanding! Obviously a lot of work went into this app. Nice graphics and seems to work as claimed.

Nice but.....

Horrible directions how r we supposed to know what the plugboard n Rotors do

Beaver Bear

This is quite a nostalgic and fun application that my son and I are enjoying while several hundred miles apart.


This is pretty cool...I like it!!!

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